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    O.M.G !!!

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  • We use a selection of natural fabrics
    Cotton, mixed linen and premium furnishing textiles; plain or printed fabrics with stories to tell and which inspire creativity. Every little leftover is jealously saved, reintroduced and recycled in other projects.

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  • hand-made creations
    Bags, fashion accessories and soft furnishings

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  • borsa blu

    Nomad handbag

  • cuscino moustache

    Mr Tash

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  • Fil@home works with handpicked collaborators, suppliers and local producers based exclusively in Europe. We like to use small companies and craftsmen and women.

    Our creations
    These are stylish hand-made creations, accurate in every detail. Nothing is left to chance and all of the many details in our creations are functional and original.

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  • cuscino pois
  • bags and accessoires
    all unique or in limited edition and handmade

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